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Jack Jill 13 900
Jack Jill 12 900
Jack Jill 10 900
Jack Jill 9 900
Jack Jill 11 900
Jack Jill 8 900
Jack Jill 3 900
Jack Jill 4 900
Jack Jill 2 900
Jack Jill 5 900
Jack Jill 6 900
Jack Jill 7 900
Jack Jill 1 900


pill top tables....


  Inspired by a range of stools that I make of a similar design the JACK & JILL (named after the cockney rhyming slang for 'pill') is a quirky table that would work beautifully in a number of environments, homes, or rooms. 

  100% handmade by myself, the table top is made from 25mm MDF, this has been routed along it's centre with a 'V' bit, before having the edges rolled over with a 'rounding over' bit, The table top is then sealed & given three coats of ultra-tough, matt white paint & 2 coats of polyurethane floor varnish, and then given a final buff with a finishing wax, this gives the finished table a silky-smooth feel with a low sheen.

  The table is currently available with pine wood legs or brushed nickel legs (see gallery below) If, however, you would like the legs painted white, for example, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Dimensions: table top 47cm   Height 62cm

Note- Indoor use only

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Available to buy now on e-bay

Or, buy direct from myself & pick-up from my workshop in Cheshunt, Herts & receive

10% discount; get in touch -here-

Also available with

- Brushed NICKEL legs -


Jack Jill chrome 6 900
Jack Jill chrome 7 900
Jack Jill chrome 5 900
Jack Jill chrome 1 900
Jack Jill chrome 3 900
Jack Jill chrome 4 900
Jack Jill chrome 2 900



TOP: 25mm MDF that has been primed, given three coats of ultra tough, matt white paint, two coats of ultra tough matt varnish and a final buff with a finishing wax.

LEGS: A choice of either 25mm pine dowel or 25mm brushed nickel pipe with wooden feet.

CARE: Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth. Can be buffed-up with a general furniture polish.

SIZE: TOP 47cm     HEIGHT 62cm

TRADE: I'm currently looking for retailers to stock my wares- interested? Please, get in touch

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