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~Furniture & Homewares~

~upcycled furniture~

Below you will find all my  Frankenstein furniture!!

They are cut-and-shut projects, a combination of random objects & components that morphed together forming odd & unusual furniture & homewares.

- the POSTMASTER table -


   100% handmade by myself, the table top is made from vintage, pine floorboards (circa 1950's) that I reclaimed from my local Post Office when it went through renovations. These I simply rubbed back enough to remove the dirt & dust but still leaving the decades-old patina intact. The boards were then given three coats of ultra-tough, matt polyurethane floor varnish leaving the table with a textured yet silky-smooth feel and a low sheen.

   The legs/frame is made from an angle iron, steel frame that I reclaimed from my local pub. I simply cleaned it up with a wire brush, again, removing rust and dirt but leaving behind the years-old patina, I then finished the frame with 2 coats of furniture wax.


NOTE: Being made of industrial steel, the table has very hard, pointy edges, not making this table suitable for a household with little-uns running around.


Dimensions;    Table Length  100cm              Width  62cm             Height  32cm

Indoor use only

- the DRIFTER coat rack -


   Handmade from eco-friendly driftwood and brightly painted old wooden pegs! Add a splash of colour to your entryway or hallway with this one-off coat rack!

  I found this piece of driftwood washed up on the beach in Whitstable, Kent. I then took this home, washed it and allowed it to thoroughly dry for a year whilst thinking what to do with it.... It was only when I found some of my Nan's old wooden pegs that inspiration struck and the DRIFTER coat rack was born!

  After sanding to remove splinters (whilst carefully leaving behind the beautiful patina) I then drilled out the holes for the pegs (which are painted in vibrant, artist's acrylic paints) glued them in place before giving the entire rack a coat of ultra hard wearing matt floor varnish, I then repeated this process making sure that all splinters or sharp edges that popped up after the initial varnishing were then rubbed back before a second coat of varnish was applied, leaving the finished rack with a silky-smooth satin finish.

  Length 88cm The coat rack is easily fixed to the wall using the 2 mirror plates affixed to the back, you simply need to screw it to a wall and start hanging your favourite coats up!

Indoor use only

- the LIMBO bench -



   The LIMBO bench is made entirely from reclaimed materials meaning this bench not only has excellent 'Green' credentials, but it is also a completely unique, one-off piece of furniture unlike any other bench out there!

  I took the reclaimed, vintage scaffold board and thoroughly rubbed it down before washing it clean and allowing to dry before re-sanding the wood. I then gave the seat a coat of ultra hard wearing floor varnish (child safe) before sanding the bench and applying a further two coats of varnish- the wood is old and cracked and rough, however, the 3 coats of varnish seal the wood leaving it with a smooth splinter-free finish whilst still retaining the years of patina and wear. 

  The legs are a pair of limbo stands that was kindly donated to me by a lovely local lady (thank you Loretta!) I simply cut these down to size before fitting them to the seat. Everything is then braced-up with a third piece of reclaimed wood between the legs and underneath the seat which is thoroughly glued and screwed into place. 


Length- Six Foot  (188cm)          Height- 19 inch  (49cm)


NOTE: Indoor use only (varnish is not exterior grade)