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Made from an old pub bench
All original patina's retained
Years of weathering
Upcycled christmas stars
Stars are rebated into the wood
Bourbon anyone?
The base is an old pub table
One serious hunk!
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-the Star Spangled table-


  Yet again, my love of all things American shines through in this rustic, eco-friendly


  Made from a reclaimed pub bench, inlayed with upcycled christmas stars, set atop the leg of an old pub table.

  The only part of the table that is new wood is a support of 15mm plywood which the table top is affixed to.

  The table top components have been carefully sanded so as to leave behind as much of their patina as possible & then lightly stained red, white & blue before a final sanding & three coats of ultra-tough

polyurethane varnish. This gives the final table a silky-smooth feel with a low sheen.

  The stars were old christmas decorations which I carefully rebated so that they sit just below the surface of the wood.

  The table leg was merely cleaned up & then thoroughly buffed with Danish oil.

  A perfect coffee table for all Yankophiles or sturdy enough for a commercial venue such as a shop, cafe, bar or restaurant.

~ £365 ~


Available to buy now on ETSY & remadeinbritain

Or, buy direct from myself & pick-up from my workshop in Cheshunt, Herts & receive

10% discount; get in touch -here-

The STAR SPANGLED table is roughly 80% upcycled or reclaimed!

Buy on

Special Promo.....

Now £285- only on e-bay!!!



TABLE TOP: Reclaimed pub benches, & upcycled aluminium christmas stars. 

LEGS/BASE: Upcycled pub table.

SIZE: There's a technical photo in the picture gallery showing the table's dimensions.

      Length: 70cm    Width: 55cm    Height: 46cm

FINISH: TOP; 3 coats of ultra-tough polyurethane varnish. BASE; Danish oil.     

CARE: Simply wipe clean with a soft cloth. 

TRADE: I'm currently looking for shops/retailers to stock my wares... should you be interested            please get in touch

NOTE; For indoor use only.


THANKS- to my good friend Keith, publican of the Green Dragon pub, Cheshunt, for the kind donation of both materials & space, but most importantly, for keeping the cogs of creativity lubricated with a steady supply of beer! 

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