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-the SUPER PANTHER chair-

and storage....

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Pure Patina
Super Panther Measurements
Is it a chair...Is it storage....
Both Stylish & Practical
Super Storage
Super Panther
Super Panther Mug Shots



Available to buy now on ETSY & e-bay

Or, buy direct from myself & pick-up from my workshop in Cheshunt, Herts & receive 10% discount; get in touch -here-

I'm proud to say that the SUPER PANTHER is roughly 70% upcycled or repurposed!


and storage...

  Both a chair and a storage box, the Super Panther brings a quirky design aesthetic to your home aswell as practicality.

  PJM Flooring of Goffs Oak kindly donated me some off-cuts of Astro turf, these had been idlying in my workshop poised for a new project.... but which one?

  This question got answered when I came across part of a vintage lawnmower beside the road, and so, the Super Panther was born!

  The back rest is deliberately left with the rust patination as, to remove this, would mean removing the beautiful green paint and, more importantly, it's very soul. It has, however, been thoroughly washed and then given two coats of the highest quality finishing wax to smooth out the texture and avoid any risk of rust stains to clothing.

  To finish the project and further amp-up it's eco credentials I raided my dads car for an old picnic blanket from which to cover the seat.

  The seat (base) is built to last, being made from 15mm plywood that's been screwed and glued together then painted in two coats of Habitat's Coal paint.

  The seat is upholstered in brand new 2" thick foam providing a comfortable seat as well as somehwere underneath to store anything from errant shoes to a secret wine stash. 



BASE: 15mm Plywood base, covered in new astro turf offcuts 

BACK REST: An old Qualcast lawnmower grass-box I found at a bus stop! Cleaned & waxed

SEAT: 15mm Plywood, covered in brand new 2 inch firm upholstery foam & an upcycled picnic blanket

SIZE: There's a technical photo in the picture gallery showing the chair's dimensions.

      BASE:45cm wide 48cm high 65cm deep overall height 89cm

      BASE INTERIOR: 40cm deep (high) by 36x36cm 


TRADE: I'm currently looking for shops/retailers to stock my wares... should be interested please        get in touch

NOTE; For indoor use only.

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