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Front leg, or magazine rack?
Undercut table top
Sleek design lines
Table for two?
Lightweight & easy to move
Oiled & waxed pine top
Previously a pine headboard
Perfect for your plonk
Is it a leg?
Is it a wine rack?




  The first of many more to come, the original Bacchus is the epitome of upcycling & ecofriendly design.

  The teardrop top is made from an old headboard. This has been cut, routed, sanded & then oiled & waxed maintaining a very natural, low sheen, yet tactile finish.

  The legs are made from an old broom handle that has been painted matt black then finished with two coats of matt varnish for durability.

  The front leg is a repurposed stainless steel wine rack that works perfectly as an architectural feature, or, can double up as a wine rack, or somewhwere to pop the TV guide or your favourite magazines. 


Note- The possible variations for the TRI TIP stools is immense, should you require a bespoke combination, particular colour etc. etc. etc. please get in touch and I'll see what I can do.

~£230 plus postage~


Available to buy now on ETSY

Or, buy direct from myself & pick-up from my workshop in Cheshunt, Herts & receive 10% discount; get in touch -here-

Buy on ETSY

I'm incredibly proud to say the BACCHUS is roughly 90% upcycled or reclaimed!



TABLE TOP: Reclaimed pine headboard, 3 coats of teak oil & 3 coats of Renaissance wax. 

LEGS: Upcycled wine rack & an upcycled broom handle stained black with 2 coats of matt varnish

SIZE: There's a technical photo in the picture gallery showing the table's dimensions.

      Length: 100cm    Width: 61cm    Height: 30cm     

CARE: Simply wipe clean with a soft cloth. 

TRADE: I'm currently looking for shops/retailers to stock my wares... should be interested please        get in touch

NOTE; For indoor use only.

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